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Top Three Tips for Jiu-Jitsu Beginners

Whatever anybody tells you, you need a specific basic level of strength and fitness to maximize your benefits from jiu jitsu. You play sports not to become fit; rather, you have to be fit to play sports. When you are fit, you will be able to relax when during jiu jitsu sparring, and you will find it easier to excel in the martial art.Below are tips to help you as a jiu jitsu beginner.

Abandon your ego.

In the grappling world, your ego can be the biggest obstacle to your success. As a neophyte, you are expected to tap often, which is completely normal. If you find shame in tapping, know that this is no more than your ego at work. And you need to push it aside if you want to be good in jiu jitsu. Be prepared to lose and be dominated most of the time as you begin your training. It is part of the process and to move up, you have to embrace it.There will come a time when you will be the dominant one, but you need to pay your dues before then. Still, you should never use jiu jitsu to push people around or brand yourself as someone as the “tough one.” This runs against the very fiber of jiu jitsu.

Concentrate on the basics.

As you start training, you might find it overwhelming to memorize and apply all the techniques you have been taught. Truth is, to be good at jiu jitsu, you don’ t need to know all of the moves. You will find a lot of grapplers out there who can show you countless techniques, including the counters and even the re-counters, without executing such technical knowledge in an actual fight. A technique is only a skill if you have used it successfully in a fight.

Build on what you find difficult.

Overspecializing too much makes you weak overall. If you are too focused on your top game, you will be helpless when you encounter an opponent who is stronger than you on the top. If you concentrate too much on fighting from the top, an opponent you cannot dominate from the top can easily control you because of your lack of an alternate game. Most likely, you will not know know what to do, and you will become more vulnerable in the eyes of your opponent.

If you think a certain technique or approach is too hard, don’t avoid it; instead, practice it until you master it. If you particularly hate playing from the guard, for instance, spend more time practicing it during training. If you ignore those weak points, the more they will haunt you. This is applicable to any technique and position. This holds true for every technique and position.

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