Understand Everything on Urinalysis and Other Drug Screening Methods

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We can all agree that drug tests are not something we look forward too, even if we are not consuming anything. The advancement in technology brought us to a point in which employers and federal agencies have numerous ways to test us for legal and illegal drug consumption.

Even though people that consume weed, are not anymore drug addicts with the inability to control themselves, as before, having drug free working environment is mandatory for some federal industries as well as for the private sector.

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Before you decide to learn how to pass any drug test that you need to handle, it is crucial to understand how they function and what should you expect from every single one of them. Let us start with the most popular one:

  1. Urine Drug Test

When it comes to urinalysis, the first thing that you should have in mind that it is the most popular and most common choice for both federal organizations and employers for drug testing.

We can consider numerous reasons for conducting it, such as pre-employment, random, post-accident, or mandatory screening for people that are working in risky industries.

It is only a screening method, which is mandated by federal regulations, and it is approved for checking out whether you consumed anything or not. Apart from its popularity, it is not invasive, and most employers can conduct them legally to employees and job applicants.

You should have in mind that this particular drug test is not showing the presence of active ingredients that you consumed but its byproducts or metabolites. Byproducts are residues of active compounds that you ingested.

Our bodies have detoxification process as well as the metabolic process that will break down any active compound, which means that only metabolites will end up in urine afterward.

The main problem with this particular testing method is in the idea that these compounds will remain in urine for days after consumption, which means that employee is not under the influence now of testing and he/she can still be positive and fail it.

Regular urinalysis will check for the presence of cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine, PCP, meth, opiates, and many other substances such as performance-enhancing drugs and prescription medications.

  1. Hair Screening

We have to start by saying that when compared with urinalysis, this was the least popular screening method due to its expensive price tag and inability to detect short term usage.

However, it is the only method that will show you repeated drug abuse and present whether someone is a frequent consumer or not.

The main reason for this particular ability is that your hair will present you three months of drug consumption, which is something that will provide you perspective on whether your employees have drug issues or not.

Hair analysis features long detection window, so your employees will not be able to use detoxification drinks and other popular methods for passing and flushing drugs from their system beforehand.

It is an excellent solution if you wish to combine it with urinalysis to detect patterns of drug abuse, which is something that became popular in the last few years, especially for pre-employment drug screening.

Hair screening requires taking a small sample of your hair under direct supervision, but they will not invade the privacy of the applicant.

Therefore, it is the perfect choice for random and hiring drug testing because it can detect the presence of numerous drugs based on the lab that you decide to consider. Best way to learn more on cannabis drug testing is by checking here for more information.

  1. Saliva Drug Test

Oral fluid or mouth swab drug test is another popular way of checking the presence of drugs within your saliva sample and person’s mouth.

These tests are popular for numerous reasons, and the first one is due to its affordable price tag when compared with other tests that you can conduct to your employees.

At the same time, they are not invasive, simple to administer, and they are highly precise and efficient, which means that you may conduct them in working place and send them to the lab for confirmation.

You can find FDA-approved onsite swabs that will help you collect the specimen, which means that this particular test is almost impossible to tamper with or cheat. Finally, you need to send these samples to a lab for screening and professional confirmation.

Drugs require plenty of time to enter hair and urine, which is why mouth swab tests are great because they can indicate the most recent consumption that could range between a few minutes and up to two days.

Therefore, it is ideal for post-accident testing so that you can see whether the employee was intoxicated during the accident or not.

  1. Breathalyzer

When compared with tests for drug consumption, have in mind that alcohol tests can quickly check the current levels of intoxication or impairment, but you will not be able to see whether someone consumed alcohol beforehand.

These tests are standard at workplaces, and since it requires the common methodology used by law enforcement as well, you will be able to get the results in a matter of seconds.

United States Department of Transportation requires mandatory testing for some industries and occupations that could affect public health. We are talking aboutthe railroad, aviation, maritime, pipeline, trucking, and transit occupations, among others.

When it comes to alcohol screenings, BrAC (Breath Alcohol Concentration) must not be above 0.02 because that may lead to penalties and other issues as well. In case you have more than that you have to report to your employer immediately.

If the percentage is between 0.02 and 0.039, the employee has to be removed from the working place for a specific period that will DOT administration determine

In case you have 0.04 or higher, you will be removed from duties and undergo substance abuse programs before you can return to your position. It is as simple as that.